Ashfield District Council.

Ashfield District Council was formed on 1 April 1974 and is an ambitious and enterprising Council, committed to maintaining and improving services in challenging financial times. Focused on our residents’ needs and a desire to help shape a positive future for our District, we are improving our performance to ensure we provide high quality services and value for money.

The Council is on a positive journey and over the past five years the Council has successfully improved performance year on year. The Council has faced an unprecedented reduction in its external funding since 2010 and continues to deal with significant budget challenges. To date and going forward, budget sustainability is being achieved by becoming more efficient and by increasing income. Our approach has included undertaking service reviews, implementing shared services, generating income, making our management leaner, digital transformation and achieving better value for money through procurement. Cumulatively the result is a more modern and less expensive organisation that has mitigated the impact on front line services.

Ashfield is a district made up of four distinct community areas, each with specific and disparate service and support needs. This is reflected in how we deliver our services and our office locations.

CarolCarol Cooper-Smith, Interim Chief Executive

Improving the quality of life of Ashfield residents offers a significant challenge and is not one that can be met by the Council on its own. We work closely with other agencies to achieve our objectives and we also recognise the need to join up our thinking across the Council. We take a Systems Leadership approach to manage complex cases and work with our partners to tackle problems. The Police and DWP are co-located with us in our Urban Road Office and we are working closely with the County Council, the Local Enterprise Council and Health Service colleagues on a range of strategic and operational issues.

Looking to the future the Council will adopt a more enterprising and commercial approach to support additional income generation from a range of sources. The Council wants to work more closely with public, private and community groups to secure improvements for our residents. Our emerging place brand Discover Ashfield is helping to build a positive coalition of partners seeking to brigade up our assets to ensure we focus on the positive opportunities open to us.

There is a good working relationship between officers and Members and the new Administration is already making a difference. The Council is based on the Leader and Cabinet Model and the new Chief Executive will work closely with the Administration to advise on and implement policy.